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Hospital Elevator Suppliers in Sri Lanka

Vortex Aventura (Private) Limited is an Authorized Distributor for LGs Elevators , Korea & Fuji Elevators Sri Lanka. We are specialized industrial & Building solutions provider in the Sri Lankan construction sector & we provide Global Brands at best price in the market & unsurpassed after sales service to our clients.

We are the preferred Hospital Elevator supplier in Sri Lanka & we provide FUJI freight ( Cargo) lifts ,FUJI car Lifts, FUJI dumb waiters, FUJI Hospital Elevators , FUJI Bed Lifts , FUJI escalators & moving walks under affordable price range with 24/7 /365 days maintenance & breakdown service. Further Fuji Elevator Sri Lanka and LGs Elevators Sri Lanka provides comprehensive solutions for our valuable clientele as we are considered one of the most cost effective Hospital elevator suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Elevator Suppliers in Sri Lanka
Hospital Elevator Suppliers in Sri Lanka


Hospital Elevator Suppliers in Sri Lanka

Technical requirements and parameters:

1. Product name: Hospital elevator or bed elevator

2. Rated capacity: > 1600kg.

3. Driving mode: traction type.

4. Operating speed: greater than 1.0m/s.

5. Control mode: full set selection control, VVVF frequency modulation and speed adjustment.

6. Floor gate: two medical elevators (1600kg) : 6 floors 6, 6 doors; Three medical elevators (1600kg) : 5 floors 5, 5 doors; Passenger lift 1:5, 5, 5.

Open door mode: medium.

8. Door size: hospital bed elevator is more than 1200mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high); Passenger lift is greater than 900mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high).

9. Open door mode :(VVVF) system. *10. Net size of the car: the net size of the medical elevator car: more than 1400 mm (width) x 2400 mm (deep); The net size of hospital bed elevator car: not more than 1600 mm (width) x 1400 mm (deep).

11. Permanent magnet synchronous tractor and control system: select the high quality brand products manufactured by the manufacturer.

12. Operation mode: there is/no driver control.

13. Power supply: AC380V/50HZ, three-phase five-wire system. Lighting power: AC220V/50HZ, single-phase three-wire system.

● Equal carrier, harmonious space

Fuji hospital bed elevator, not only used to transport passengers, but also because of the special use of the elevator functions with special and strict requirements. The hospital bed elevator can accurately control the speed of the elevator operation, running smoothly and comfortably. The Fuji series sickbed elevator pays attention to the humanized design to fully optimize the car structure and meet the customers’ requirements to the maximum. A quiet and elegant space is created for the passengers.

Fuji hospital bed elevator, with its unique design concept, creates a harmonious and clean environment with the hospital environment, creates a comfortable environment for passengers, and adds some confidence to rehabilitation for patients.

If you are interested in any of our hospital bed elevator please feel free to contact us.