Vortex Aventura (Private) Limited is an Authorized Distributor for LGs Elevators , Korea & Fuji Elevators Sri Lanka. We are specialized industrial & Building solutions provider in the Sri Lankan construction sector & we provide Global Brands at best price in the market & unsurpassed after sales service to our clients.

 We are the preferred lift supplier in Sri Lanka & we provide FUJI freight ( Cargo) lifts ,FUJI car Lifts, FUJI dumb waiters, FUJI escalators & moving walks under affordable price range with 24/7 /365 days maintenance & breakdown service. Further Fuji Elevator Sri Lanka and LGs Elevators Sri Lanka provides comprehensive solutions for our valuable clientele as we are considered one of the most cost effective elevator suppliers in Sri Lanka.


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FUJI & LG Passenger Elevators Ranging from 320KG to 2000 KG Machine room and Machine Room less Type Elevators in Sri Lanka.

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Durable & Safe Escalator solutions for your building from Japanese & Korean latest technology. LG & Fuji Escalators.

Mitsubishi Elevator Sri Lanka

For Modern Homes Home Elevators are a must now days. Fuji home lifts & LG home lifts at affordable rate in Sri Lanka.

Hospital Elevators

FUJI & LGs Hospital Elevator Range is one of the most technologically advanced & Cost effective in Sri Lanka.

Panaromic Glass Elevators

Panoramic glass lifts are mostly preferred for business centers, shopping malls, entertainment centers in Sri Lanka.

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Vortex Cargo Elevators for Warehousing Applications. Ranging from 1000 KG to 6000 KG Cargo Lifts in Sri Lanka.

Moving Walks

A moving walkway, also known as an autowalk mostly suitable for public transportation facilties in Sri Lanka.

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Dumbwaiter lifts are used for transporting food or drink between floors. Dumbwaiter suppliers in Sri lanka.

Vortex Car Elevators

For Modern Buildings it is necessary to park the cars in several floors. Car lift suppliers in Sri Lanka.

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Invented in the 19th century in the US to get people to the top of skyscrapers, elevators have become common world-wide wherever there are high rise buildings. Condominiums would not be habitable; offices could not function and even some homes would not be possible without them.