Swimming pool heating systems in sri lanka

Vortex Water Heating Solutions is one of the Most competitive heat pump suppliers in Sri Lanka. The Air Source Water Heat Pumps from Guandong New Energy Technology Company Limited , The  Largest Firm in Heat Pump Manufacturing in the world. Their Production Capacity is 200,000 Units per year and has been awarded as the official sponsor for 18th Asian Games.

Vortex Aventura (Private) Ltd is committed to providing our customers with the best value Residential & Commercial Heat Pumps for Water Heating & Swimming Pool Heating Applications in Sri Lanka.


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Heat Pump Suppliers in Sri Lanka

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How does Heat pumps Work ?

Air source heat pump water heater is a device that moves heat from the air around to heat water, then satisfy the user’s daily demand for hot water. Its working principle is based on the Reverse Carnot Cycle principle.

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Usually, a heat pump water heater has four main components: evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device. The refrigerant is the medium to connect the four parts. Just using a little amount of electric power, the gas refrigerant in the compressor will be pumped into high temperature and high pressure gas. After flow through the heat exchanger, the heat will be released to the heat water to satisfy the user’s demand. After that, the refrigerant become middle temperature and middle pressure liquid. The refrigerant continues moving to the expansion device and becomes low temperature and low pressure liquid. When flowing through the evaporator, the refrigerant will be evaporated to gas and back to the compressor. The cycle stars again.

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In the condition of producing the same volume of hot water, new energy heat pump water heater only consumes 1/4 electric power when compared with electric water heater. For user, it can reduced a lot of daily expenditure. Because of its energy-saving and eco friendly characteristics, air source heat pump water heater has been regarded as the fourth generation water heater.

As a professional heat pump water heater manufacturer, New Energy provides 5 kinds of residential water heater products, they are all-in-one heat pump water heaters, smart heat pump boilers, split type heat pump water heater,water circulated heat pump water heaters. They serve for various applications of different requirements.

swimming pool heating systems in sri lanka